• Jacqueline Peterson

Overcoming Challenges Makes Way for Transformed Life of Love

Did you know that I have gone through a life transformation? It actually took me many years to find happiness. The tipping point came when I was learning to become an Energy Healing

Practitioner. For several years, I knew that I needed to make a change. But first, I had to go through some of the hardest challenges in my life to become my true authentic self.

It has taken a lot of experimenting. I’ve spent 1,000s of hours discovering and integrating different practices and therapies along my journey to recover from a past relationship, strengthen my mental health, calm my nervous system, make my own decisions, connect with people, and become comfortable walking in my own shoes.

Perhaps the biggest life-changing therapy I took part in next to Energy Healing was seeing a trusted therapist every week for almost two years (after trying four different therapists). This therapist truly understood me and didn’t give up on me. Together, we dug deep. I now better understand some of my life lessons and experienced major healing for which I am fully grateful.

Last fall, I spent 10 days in Mexico with my partner and friends. We had a wonderful time swimming in the blue-green ocean, visiting the ruins and spelunking in the caves. While I’d never been to Mexico before, this experience was profound not because of location. But rather when I returned home, for once, I could fully appreciate the experience – I didn’t feel as if I needed to escape my life.